Why Us

Our Mission Statement

Empowering businesses of all sizes with cutting-edge data center solutions, our mission is to help companies seamlessly integrate our advanced managed services and robust cybersecurity solutions, along with providing traditional co-location services within our state-of-the-art data center.

Our goal is to work with clients to help them understand how to implement technologies that will provide them with a competitive advantage and enable them to grow their business.

Custom Solutions - The need for strategic partnerships

Southern Edge Connect Data Centers is rethinking how the modern data center is needed to support the technology needs of customers.

While traditional data center providers are trying to pivot, we are building our data center from the ground up into a technology and innovation hub.

Diverse connectivity and low latency are defining factors for any customer or service provider, so datacenters who have access to multiple, diverse fiber networks – dark or LIT – with minimum 100Gb wavelengths, is critical, as well as the capability to deliver enterprise-level services and solutions.

Scalability, physical security, and customer/ end user experience are also key. With human error, network failure, and power failures as the primary causes of outages, there is also a need to provide policies for addressing associated downtime.


Key Features

Decades of Experience in Data Center Solutions

Access to Data Centers Across Key Locations

Customized to Meet Your Business Needs

The Highest Standards in Cyber Security

Robust Backup and Disaster Recovery Solutions

Smooth Transition to new technologies and the Cloud

"Smart" Datacenter

  • We can access real-time power draw at the circuit level and redistribute power rather than buy more power.
  • Real-time alerts prevent overloading circuits.
  • Rack-level temperature and humidity threshold visibility averts equipment overheating.
  • Real-Time Optimization of existing floor plan, ROR planning.
  • We allow for Real-Time Optimization of workload distribution.
  • Video footage of people and events occurring in your space with applied AI and facial recognition leads to an additional layer of security, so we are able to help you respond instantly to potential breaches.
  • Real-time alerts when specific persons visit your environment, or when an unbadged person walks into your data center space (i.e.: data center personnel), resulting in faster response to events.
  • Capture, record and log motion-based events within your space so you can meet compliance and audit retention requirements.
  • Faster Provisioning of connectivity to primary clouds – in short, access new cloud workloads in minutes
  • Configure, troubleshoot and check performance statistics of key assets from anywhere, reducing business expenses related to onsite visits while providing faster response time.

Meet Our CEO

Stephen Whatley Jr.

CEO and President

Stephen has spent the majority of his time divided between Lee and Calhoun Counties and considers both Anniston and Opelika ‘Home’. Stephen spent much of his early career in Commercial and Residential development and construction. Both a licensed contractor and Insurance professional, Stephen brings a variety of knowledge to the team. When the opportunity to jin a much needed new venture presented itself, he was ready to help build an asset for our local footprint, as well as surrounded areas.

Our Timeline